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to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back.
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as lin grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong, all day long sinus and headache relief. >> shepard: that's it for "studio b". the final bell will be dinging in a second on wall street street. you can see the dow is up today about 40 points. we'll be right back up here on this roof top in rome for the fox report tonight. 7 eastern, 4 psk. i'm shepard smith. >> i don't know what the president plans to do after he leaves office, but i'm watching his state of the union address last night, and i caught this line. >> nothing i'm proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime. >> like a bolt of lightning, boom, it hit me.
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even if you're on a diet, look at just some of the great foods you can prepare in your new show time row ti rotisserie. >> a delicious five-pound chicken, not one but two delicious five-pound chickens. an eight-pound mouth watering pork loin roast. >> get ready. i have seen the president's future, and it's tv. what better tribute for a man who has become famous for pushing more government on d-day than to push products branded as seen on tv. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. infomercial anchors, take note. you've got less than four years to take cover because the man who just promised billions of new programs but insists they won't add a dime to the deficit is taking his act on the road and putting you to shame, and your silly, stupid pitches to pasture. >> a great christmas present. >> this is amazing. >> if you promise to tell a friend about it so we can get some word of mouth advertising, everybody that calls in the next
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30 minutes will also receive absolutely free my new sausage making attachment with spices and casings included. >> sausage making? wait until you see he what barack obama is cooking up. a $98 billion preschool plan, a $40 billion fix it first infrastructure plan, an it's 8 billion community college career fund, a $15 billion foreclosed and vacant property development fund. that's $163 billion in federal initiatives and not a dime added to the deficit, not one thin dime, but wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. there's more. if you buy in now, plenty more goodies to come. what kind of goodies? how about a $5 to $10 billion homeowners refinance home. what could add to a 4.3 billion dollar new and improved race to the top resigned high school campaign. again, no idea. you get the idea. you get the $98 billion
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preschool, the $40 billion infrastructure, the community college fund. the $if i have dea $15 bill i dw foreclosed property, the 4 whatever it is race to the top boon doggle and the high school college score card whatever it is, and you don't pay one single dime. >> you get the gravy absolutely free. >> who needs cook aware when this guy is cooking and you ain't paying anything? someone else is. steve moore. i don't think i'm off the mark. >> you're not off the mark. it's hard to follow that up. you actually missed a few things. all the goodies out there.
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it's just absolutely amazing. the operative word was it shouldn't add to the deficit. shiernt. so ten years from now when it's added 2 or 300 billion dollars and someone asks the president, he'll say hold on, let me grab the napkin i did the math on. it really did add to the deficit? wow. i had no idea. look what you get. you don't have to pay for it. inherent and implied, someone else is. >> it reminds me of the old joke. you can lose weight without diet and exercise. that pretty much leaves disease. i thought the most interesting line of the speech was one of the very first lines in the speech. we don't believe that government is the solution to every problem in america, and then the next hour was one government solution after another to every problem under the sun. it's going to be interesting to see whether republicans -- i mean, this is all focused on the sesequester fight, in my opinio. republicans will stick to their
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guns and say look, we have to make these cuts. this is something president obama laid down the line so we're not going to do this. >> i wanted to start this, and i hope you folks will indulge me with a bit of humor to make a very serious point. the president was being mapped out at the state of the union address was a recognition of the fact that we don't need to recognize spending. it's not a problem. this said it all to me, the president last night. i want charles' reaction. >> let's be clear. deficit reduction alone is not enough. he wants to make things fair. for him, he would mask it in the economy to try to sell it to the general public. the fact of the matter is his biggest dreams, his biggest
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desires all have to do with massive spending to level the playing field and the economy is the second after thought. >> you know, an interesting part of what he keeps saying is, you know he what? i've already put $4 trillion in cuts on the table and we've agreed to two and a half triple. >> bit way, he hasn't. >> basically he's saying these two and a half trillion cuts, these are cuts that are supposed to happen in 2004 tee 2000 200 . he doesn't want to cut spending now. but who believes they're not going to make the cuts and they'll make the cuts four or five years from now, six years from now. who is backgroun going to for tg programs? he views small business as a piggy back. that's who's going to get it. >> he talked about -- the quote he gave when addressing deficit issues in number terms is, you know, closing loopholes, special breaks, arguing republicans wanted to do that, but republicans also said at the time part of that strategy was to similarly cut spending as
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sort of a quid proquo. the only way to pay for this is to really raise taxes if there's not going to be anything cut. as you pointed out, we said at a minimum these were 163 billion dollars worth of programs. if you look at everything proposed, it's close to $800 billion. that's not going to be solved by closing loopholes. it's not going to be solved by making hedge fund managers pay a higher tax rate. this is the rub, steve. this is what people need to realize. anyone behind the president cheering this on needs to realize hey, just a few weeks ago you got hit with a payroll tax hike. you were not expecting it. people in california who voted for prop 30, all of a sudden they're paying a higher sales tax. behind all of these -- when you want a grand oo utopian society, you'll pay for that. anyone who thinks this won't ding their wallet, they're sadly mistaken. >> people are listening to you and me because you're watching
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me, admit it. get over it. it's okay. you can watch fox news. >> but if you're looking at this and you're saying well, they might be whining about stuff, but look. market are doing okay. corporate america is doing okay. we had a surplus in the month of january thanks to those tax hikes. we're off to the races and these guys are going nowhere. >> well, you know, i agree with the president's statement that deficit reduction in and of itself is not an economic growth strategy. >> it doesn't mean you take it off the table. >> no. what it does mean is we do need a lot of other policies that need to growth. what i say to the president is wait a minute. >> investment. look. inow he wants more. i view that as an
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anti-investment. they're going to open up new research and development. there's a human genome. >> the private sector is doing that. you have one billion or three billion from the government. >> they get all this. they mapped out the genome and they want to patent it and the government said no. charles, the two words i describe that is corporate welfare. the president believes the way you have new innovation is have the government and a partnership with business. i think that's wrong. >> you guys, you know, notwithstanding part of what i noticed going on here and i covered this on the fox business network which by the way, if you don't get, pretty much we were the only one seizing on the numbers. nothing is for free. nothing is for free. charles, my big worry is this idea that a lot of people here
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think hey, this sounds good, a refinance plan sounds good, a score card for high schools, whatever the hell that was sounds good. a lot of this stuff sounds good. to steve's point earlier about going on diet but never, you know, watching your food intake, you'll never lose weight. >> or never exercising or never being responsible if you do gain weight. listen. it always sounds good. it always tugs at our heart when we see a 102-year-old woman who fought to vote and we talk about the firemen and the teachers and the kids. we always put them up front. i think by now everybody knows there's a smarter way to do it. lift the entire economy. lift the entire thing so that all the boats rise together. that's what we're talking about, not taking the country apart. right now what the president is essentially saying is we've peaked as a nation. >> you may have mentioned the worst idea of all which is raising the minimum wage when we already have an -- >> wait a minute. we'll get more on this subject.
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raise the minimum wage. that's why herman cain is raising cane. >> great stuff. hi. hi.
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herman cain worries he' he'll re the unemployment rate while he's at it. check this out. look at the unemployment rate, all well above the national average. only three states are an exception. herman's back to raise some cane. good to see you. what do you make of that? you came from the fast food industry and you know well the impact this will have. tell us some of your old colleagues and managers that they'll have to up their minimum wage, what are they going to do? >> well, they're either going to have people work less hours or they're going to hire less people. that's typically what happens. i saw it when i was at god father's, when i was at burger king. i saw it when i was the president of the national restaurant association. here's where the president is dead wrong. if you were to force a minimum wage increase from $7.25 to $9, guess what? they'll still be living in poverty. raising the minimum wage is not
1:17 pm
going to get anybody out of poverty. most of the reliable studies out there shows that there's going to be job reduction for the people who need those jobs the most and those are the people with the least amount of skills. >> i always thought that rather than put the emphasis on forcibly raising the minimum wage and putting all sorts of headaches on business and maybe resulting in fewer hires as you pointed out maybe improve the business climate so there are more jobs, period, but that's just me. the other thing, herman, the argument for this is that yes, the immediate reaction is a lot of people lose their jobs because managers, stores, restaurants, what have you then start cutting back on workers. but things settle down, they start hiring again, off to the races again. what do you say? >> well, what i say is that's not totally accurate for the following reason. businesses have only one option when costs are forced on them,
1:18 pm
and that is to eventually pass it on to the consumer. now, the median income in the last four years, as you know, being the braveheart of business that you are has gone from $54,000 to $50,000. people already have less money, so now you're going to ask them to pay more for what they pay at restaurants, even fast food and quick service restaurants? it doesn't work that way. the second thing that they're not taking into account is that most of the companies that hire a lot of minimum wage workers, they hire those minimum wage workers because they have very small profit margins. they don't have a lot of room to maneuver. people are trying to figure out how to take it -- how to basically handle obama care, and they're coming up with a lot of creative things in order to try to stay in business. their assumptions are simply incorrect. >> you know, obviously it's no skin off the president's nose to push and tell businesses to hike
1:19 pm
the minimum wage, but it dogs put pressure on all -- does put pressure on all businesses to hire beyond the minimum wage because all of a sudden the floor has risen so all wages have to go up across the board. what is the long term impact of that sort of thing i? because the president argues and people argue well, business guys like herman can' cain ad their , we would be at-point 85 an hour. we would have never moved it up. >> theorie here's another thinge president and his advisors are not taking into account. in some states they're already above the minimum wage, just like you showed with one of those opening charts. >> right. >> the marketplace will determine what the wages should be. when i was at godfather'sfather, in some markets we had to be above the minimum wage because of a shortage of workers, so allow the marketplace to do its thing. this illustrates his advisors'
1:20 pm
total lack of business literacy. that's what we're dealing with here. that's why he throws it out, you know, a $9 minimum wage, you know nine is my favorite number, but not in this case. >> i'm wondering now what republicans do in response and, you know, because the president puts them clearly on the defense saying well, you're against the little guy. you're against the average joe and g.o. joann. how do you respond to that? >> the way i respond is in fact, senator marco rubio said it best. i want people to make more than $9. how do you get them to make more than $9? you create a robust growing economy which is what this president and this administration, they have not done that. so now they are trying to paint lipstick on this flawed economic canvas by saying let's raise the minimum wage and put all those
1:21 pm
other programs out there that you talked about earlier and say it's not going to cost a dime. most of the american people that i have figured out are not that stupid. some people are, but most people are not that stupid to believe that. >> her main cain, grea herman cg you. be well. 45 days since the president gave them the job but all are legal labor board members and they're still on the job? the group saying time's up, step down. get out, goodbye. sayonara. next. c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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well, their recess appointment was ruled unsubstitution @, and that's not stopping president obama from renominating from two pea peoplo
1:25 pm
the board. we've essentially been paying their salaries for jobs they can't do, they're not doing, jobs they aren't doing. a group spokesman says they won't stop until these appointees step down. you know, it's amazing to me, fred, that they can still be doing what they're doing, whatever it is they're doing, and we're paying for it. >> yeah. it's sort of a zombie labor board. the members aren't legally entitled to hold their jobs, but they keep killing jobs along the way. the thing to remember is if their appointments are thrown out by the supreme court, every decision they've touched in the 400 days and the days that come after have to be done again at enormous expense. these unions and employers spend a fortune in legal bills to get to this point and to have to do it twice because these members are just belligerent is just unfair to employers and unions. >> now, you're keeping track of this and how long this count is
1:26 pm
going on i assume through the whole legal labyrinth of appeals. this could go on for how long? >> there are appointments -- the recess appointments should expire at the end of next year. it can't go on all that long, but nothing moves quickly in the legal world, as you know. >> in the meantime we're paying for them, covering everything for them even though in the end it might be ruled a complete sham. >> absolutely, and you know, if you read the plain language of the constitution, this court got it right. these recess appointments weren't valid because the senate wasn't really in recess, and the vacancies that they were appointed to didn't arise during a recess. it's hard to argue with this d.c. circuit opinion. >> so if the president keeps pushing well, i'll just keep pushing these same people, what do you do? >> well, you know, there's a lot of hope on our part that maybe richard griffin wouldn't be renominated. as you know, he was the top lawyer of arguably the most
1:27 pm
corrupt union. some of their local unions operate like episodes of the sopranos. he didn't seem to play any role in cleaning it up. since he's been nominated the first time, he's been now named in an embezzlement and extortion lawsuit, and they claim he covered up the embezzlement of union funds. there used to be the standard that you can't have the appearance of impropriety. we hope the president wasn't going to renominate him but he did. >> thanks for keeping us posted. thanks for keeping the clock running. i think people should know that. fred, thank you very much. to the judge on whether any of this is legal and these guys should still be on the job. all rise, the judge is here. >> they shouldn't be on the job. the court ruled conclusively and we're not talking about all members of the national labor relations board. we're talking about two which is enough to upset a quorum.
1:28 pm
>> even though not all of it has been challenged, i would think the supreme court will uphold this and this will cause the nlrb to go back and do over as fred just said, everything they've done. this could be cured in the future if the nominations are now confirmed by the senate, but that wouldn't make lawful the unlawful decisions they've already made. they've really created a mess for the taxpayer, for management and for labor. >> why does this keep happening? under democrat i can presidents, -- democratic presidents and republican presidents, both sides, you don't like the characters, don't vote for them? >> because the president has too much power under our system, republicans and democrats. >> he argues he was being blocked and this was his only choice. >> no. the senate has a right to block. if the cincinnati doesn't want to -- interne if the senate doeo
1:29 pm
vote for his nominees, they can block. they didn't vote to confirm them. we don't know why. >> judge, hit that up with the executive actions he's taken. that's not very constitutional, is it? >> last night most respectfully he sounded like a prince or a tin horn dictator who said to the congress do what i want you to do or i'll find a way to get it down. that's not our system. in our system, he doesn't write the law, the president enforces the laws the congress has written. he can't enforce laws that don't exist. he can't make them up on his own any more than he can appoint these people to positions where there are not true vacancies. he deserved the slap down he got from the court of appeals in the district of column and he will probably get another from the supreme court itself, but he's tried to defy them. >> you remind me a lot of the presidentingpresidents that sew.
1:30 pm
>> it's not the first, won't be the last. >> this president in the series of moves, the executive actions, the appointments, what have you, adding up to be more than others, unusual, what? >> each president does it more than his predecessor because they use the predecessor's behavior to justify what they're doing, so george w. bush did it more than bill clinton who did it more than george h.w. bush and barack obama is doing it more than george w. bush did and he's doing it in a very, very strident leftist progressive as in woodrow wilson way, not in a way that the congress has authorized. >> judge, thank you very much. judge napolitano. in the meantime, did the grabbed old party's message -- grand old party's message just get a new play book. >> mr. president, i don't oppose your plans because i want to protect the rich. i oppose your plan because i want to protect my neighbors. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat?
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well, bringing something new to the grand old party? >> the biggest obstacle for balancing the budget is programs for spending are already locked in. one of these programs is medicare. it's especially important to me. it provided my father the care he needed to battle cancer and ultimately he to die with dignity. it cares fo pays for the care mr receives now. i would never support any changes to medicare that would hurt seniors like my mother.
1:35 pm
anyone who is in favor of leaving medicare exactly the way it is right now is in favor of bankrupting it. >> well, republican fundraisers saw that and that is the way to connect with voters, and that you argue could be a way for republicans to get back with voters. what do you mean? >> you know he he what? i think we have a task at hand, and that's rebranding the g.o.p., and i think that we have seen the rebranding effort within marco rubio. you know, one of the things that i noticed is the fact that not only does rubio connect with the middle class which is something that obama really prided himself on, but rubio is the middle class. i mean, listen to his story. this is the middle class, and you know, i want to say that obama was kind of the messiah for the democratic party. if the republicans are looking for a messiah, you got that in marco rubio. >> you wonder about trying to
1:36 pm
humanize the republican party, the capitalists and all. he came up with the famous comment i'm looking out for my neighbor, i'm not looking out for anyone else. do you get a sense it's humanizing who republicans really represent as the approach they should take going forward to the mid terms, the gubernatorial races, other races ultimately to the next presidential race? >> you hit the nail on the head. you can identify with marco rubio. think about it. when he mentioned his neighbors, a lot of people had problems with romney because they could not connect with romney. what you're seeing here is you're seeing somebody that you actually feel like makes obama look distant from the middle class. that's going to be a trouble. i'll tell you. the biggest threat to the democratic party is rubio, and you know what? if he would team up with rand paul, you've got the velvet and the hammer. you've got a 1-2 punch. i think that if we can have more people that represent someone
1:37 pm
like rubio, we've got a chance to, you know, appeal to some of these voters that are looking around thinking that the g.o.p. has absolutely nothing to offer them. so instead of looking like we're coveting the wealthy and all we care about is, you know, the big dogs, we actually look like we were appealing to every day people, people like me, people like, you know, our neighbors, and i really thought that that hit home, the fact that he said neighbor, neighborhood, and he doesn't live in mansions and driving ferraris. this guy is like somebody that we would work with. >> of course, the main stream media will never get out of the gate. they'll make a big deal out of the stupid water and lose part of the message. reading it back, i'm wondering about the whole response to a presidential address. it's so hard to come after the president anyway, but the grave yard has been littered with bodies of those who tried to make something of that moment. when they respond, you know,
1:38 pm
whether it's bobby jindal or governor mcdonald, it's very hard to make a comparison. any recommendation to anyone in that position going forward, what do you do, or do you do it differently he? do you start doing something that's actually fresh and different or what? >> he was -- i think rubio did a fantastic job. yes, the water thing was funny, but you know hey, if he's thirsty, he took a drink, he had dry mouth on it. move on. as compared to jindal who i have a lot of respect for and i like very much. he looked like he was delivering a speech to a bunch of kindergarteners about mr. rogers telling a story, so i think that rubio did what he did best. he was humble and i think everyone felt that and saw that, and you know, i think that if anyone was wanting to look at a speech from past, look at rubio's, and follow form. >> well, you know, the whole
1:39 pm
process i think should be more in your face in terms of just spelling out exactly what you're going to do, and say look. i just heard the president's speech. it doesn't make sense. just be real, talk to people, drop the prompter, but i thought he did a fine job. >> he did a great job. he had the hocialg tas horriblef coming right after the president. with that, i think he did a fine job. >> we shall see how it resonates going forward. great seeing you again. a college graduate gets a c plus. now she's suing the school for a million plus. you think the law is on her side? [ male announcer ] ok, here's the way the system works. let's say you pay your guy around 2% to manage your money. that's not much you think. except it's 2% every year. does that make a difference? search "cost of financial advisors" ouch. over time it really adds up. then go to e-trade and find out how much our advice costs. spoiler alert: it's low. really? yes, really. e-trade offers investment advice and guidance from dedicated, professional financial consultants.
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it's guidance on your terms, not ours. that's how our system works. e-trade. less for us. more for you.
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all your imptant legal matters in just minutes. protect youramily... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. >> all right. so if you can't may be the grade, how about just suing for the cash. one lehigh university grad is suing her alma mater for 1.3 million bucks. that's how much money the woman claims she's losing out on after a c plus she said wrecked her career path. the lawsuit alleges breach of
1:43 pm
contract, sexual discrimination. does she have a case? tamara, what do you think? >> well, look. i think that it's a little extreme, but at the same time what's happening here is that the 1k50 school is trying to ply god. that's really a big issue in america today where the teachers are saying look, we have full discretion, and we can do whatever we want, and we're going to ruin your career path. >> she got a c plus. >> well, she got a c plus, but isn't it interesting that she needed a b, so they just barely ruined it, and -- >> you shouldn't let that entertain your decision as to what kind of grade you give someone. >> well, they gave her a zero in class participation, and apparently what was going on was they didn't like her because she was pro lesbian gay rights. they didn't like her because she complained. >> they had an agenda and they stuck it to her. >> apparently there was a conspiracy. look. if it was something that was totally frivolous, then the judge would have thrown it out. even as recently as today, he didn't throw it out.
1:44 pm
there was a motion to dismiss by lehigh, and he did not grant the motion, so obviously there's something else going on. >> just because this student claims that she's being discriminated against doesn't make it so. and i don't think this is about the school playing god. teachers get to grade their students. they're entrusted with that discretion. the school has said that her participation was a zero because she used obscene language. she cursed in class in front of the other students. >> what student hasn't? >> and because she broke down in tears in the middle of the class. >> who hasn't? >> exactly. it's not as if she failed the course or didn't get credit, and let's remember. she hasn't paid a penny for this education. >> her father is a professor. >> this lawsuit i think is doomed. >> i guess the c plus, had she not gotten that c plus, she would still be on a trajectory for getting this major career going, so it's just odd that something like this would stop that career. >> right. and i love you, but listen.
1:45 pm
really, you're going to say isn't it always that the woman is the emotional one and had breakdown in class and she cried. if this were a guy, well, he probably wouldn't have this lawsuit in the first place, but if it were a guy, they would never allege this. it's always the woman who is overly emotional and overly, you know, excited and has a breakdown. >> so you think there's -- >> that's their only defense. >> so you think it's about the process who -- prof professors o had it out for you. >> i was maybe not so liberal in school and i argued with my professors. it didn't, you know, change my career trajectory, but the fact of the matter was very few would hold it against me and give me a bad grade because i told them i would chase them down like a dog. is there something to that argument? >> no, i don't think so. i think in most instances a good professor will elevate a student's grade for a spirited
1:46 pm
debate. >> you will admit there are some idiots out there. >> absolutely. >> and in this case, this woman might have been subjected to and idiot professor who just had it out for her? >> that may be. we haven't seen evidence of it. the student hasn't denied cursing or crying in the classroom. it's not because she's a woman that she's emotional, it's a fact that she had a breakdown in the classroom. >> let's say she got the 1.3 million. is there another option to go back and take the class over again, get a higher grade, get on the trajectory? >> i don't think so. one of the things is you have to look at damages, and she's moved on and the whole 1.3 is about her damages or the amount of money. >> how did they come up with that figure? doesn't that strike you as a little gouging? >> well, she would have earned an additional 1.3 million had she taken the career path under this degree, but instead, she had to take another degree. >> i think it's a little bogus. >> asked how they come up with this figure, she's saying if he she shad gotten a b, she would have gotten a different
1:47 pm
externship, therefore, she would have been offered a higher paying job. >> she would have gotten a totally different degree. >> she's still employable. she is, in fact, employed, so i think to take this one grade and say that it has thrown her entire career off course is baseless. >> no. that's like saying that you couldn't go to law school or you couldn't get your law degree, but you at least got a master's degree, but because you got a master's degree, it's just as good having a law degree. >> let's say she wins for whatever reason. a lot of people argue back and forth about whether there was any charges or who said what. let's say she does succeed. will other students be emboldened and say i'm going to sue my professor not because i'm an idiot but because i think i've been treated unfairly and then it gets to be, you know, professors who need like their own malpractice insurance. >> right. that's the thing. it's a slippery slope, but at the same time. >> you welcome it. you want to take another client and put them to the wall. >> no. actually, i don't want to do
1:48 pm
that, but i believe in fair trail. i believe in fairness, and -- >> you can see it's a slippery slope, where it could lead? >> of course, but i think it's bigger than that. that there was some kind of an alleged conspiracy here, an alleged effort to make sure that she got a c plus instead of a b. >> i think what we're going to see in this case is a settlement. i think both sides are going to compromise, and i don't think we have to worry about the court setting a bad precedent. >> in fact, the judge, at least it's reported, is encouraging a settlement in this case. >> i'll leave it at that. i'm fellin telling you, if thisn wins, like my fourth grade teacher, you know where you are, and you know where you are. hey, protesters. you might want to pipe down because the president never pipes up. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
1:49 pm
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while protesting the pipeline and carted off by police, environ mentalists raising a big stink outside the white house over the keystone pipeline. they want the president to kill it. did they notice that the president didn't even mention the keystone pipeline in his speech last night? it is something i'll be addressing with daryl hannah tonight on fbn at 8 p.m. ahead of that, buyo byron york. if therapy going to protest, they're at the wrong place. the president, unless he changes his mind, was the guy who was against the keystone pipeline from the beginning. >> well, i think they're worried that he will change his mind. he's been with them so far, but a decision has to be made, and
1:53 pm
the president never said i'm never no way going to build this pipeline. he said that there were environmental concerns and that he was putting the decision off until after the 2012 election. one of the big concerns, for example, was the routing of the pipeline through nebraska which was over some very critical water tables. now it's been rerouted. the governor of nebraska now approves of it, so the problem is these environmentalists are extremely worried that the president's attentions are divided on this. at the same time they were having this protest, the afl-cio and the american trol pe troat m institute were having a conference call about launching a propipeline campaign called we can't wait. there are two very important groups, environmentalists on one side, organized labor on the other, fighting about this. >> who does he like more? >> that's going to be a big question. there's a lot of money on both sides in terms of campaign contributions and support, but i
1:54 pm
think the environmentalists feel more fundamentally threatened by this. obviously the fracking revolution, something like this pipeline really profoundly threatens their goal of an america that's far less dependent on fossil fuels in the past, so i think if they see this go forward, they see bad things ahead. the unions on the other hand see tens of thousands of jobs created by this. >> you know he what's interesting, too, you want to talk about a president who is beholden to the states, doesn't want to do anything -- to the base, doesn't want auto t to too anything to rock the boat. his base is divided. it's the very base that's sort of unraveled. >> yeah. i think if you read what the see sierra club is saying today, they're making a big deal about of breaking a very old poms and engaging in civil disobedience. it shows you how important we think this issue is. it's a pipeline, but i think it
1:55 pm
represents a fundamental conflict here in that base, environmentalists and organized labor. >> thank you, byron. >>o thank you. under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola. i worked a patrol unit for 17 years in the city of baltimore. when i first started experiencing the pain, it's hard to describe because you have a numbness but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point, i knew i had to do something.
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i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. ♪ >> well this just in. the debt problem is gone. you didn't hear? it's gone. the word the president didn't utter because apparently it's a problem we don't have. nothing says no issue like not talking about the issue. i'm telling you, from the president to prom mant leading democrats, it's like the whole debt issue disappears. spending isn't a problem, which could explain why proposing hundreds of billions of dollars more of it isn't the problem. think about that and the awe dusty of that. spending $1 trillion more than you take in each year, every year isn't a problem. $16 trillion in debt isn't a problem. $20 trillion, best case
1:59 pm
scenario, ten years from now isn't a problem. looking americans straight in the face and say they make good on $4 trillion in budget cuts solve the problem. no one made good on any cuts and the so-called cuts aren't cuts at all. just $4 trillion off the growth of our debt. that is over the next ten years at that. by which time, we'll still have more than $20 trillion in debt. we are supposed to be grateful, well, at least not $24 trillion. are you kidding me? are you serious? are you for real? are you really justifying the studentfying numbers with the stupid argument that the debt really isn't so bad? make the screen disappear. percentage of gdp it's pretty good. it could be like me on pluto on i'd be svelte. but i live on earth. i'm fat. we should be worried. very worried. think about what they are doing here. they are saying this whole debt thing, well, we have done

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